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TResearch Consultancy is one of the most delicate and sensitive industries when it comes to data handling. Your business has responsibility for thousands if not millions of data entries from surveys analysing corporate reputation, public opinion and policies. This data needs to be secured (cyber security link) away from prying eyes and safe so if a disaster struck (DR link) you are fully prepared. We have a lot of experience helping businesses in this industry to increase the security levels as more hackers are targeting companies that aggregate lots of data as it has become very profitable to break into these companies and sell the stolen data on the black market. We have a comprehensive security plan that includes systems and policies that goes beyond the scope of normal security plans training end users to identify threats and false communications, avoiding the hacking at first place.

We worked with with organisations that help their customers to understand their reputation on the market and track it so it can be managed and improved. You should take care of your reputation as well with systems that run fast and are designed to tolerate failure without bringing downtime so your customers can rest assured you take good care of their data. It is also becoming a requirement for tenders to have your company fully secured as 3rd parties will be sharing their data with you, and want to ensure your systems are safe and that their data will also be safe.

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“VividSky helped us standardise our phone system and reduce our costs significantly with the implementation of a VOIP platform across all our offices. We had a variety of different VOIP and ISDN phone system across our business that were expensive to maintain and difficult to manage. VividSky implemented a solution that integrated with our Remote Desktop platform and now allow us to analyse the volume of business and increase sales in a way we never could before.” Read the full story

Su Colledge - Chief Operating Officer, Ludlow Thompson

“Vividsky has an incredible amount of resources and expertise in house. VividSky have managed our network for 10 years ensuring that our infrastructure is reliable and cost effective to maintain. Having the ability to utilise VividSky private cloud for proof on concepts projects has been extremely beneficial in defining our long term strategy which they are helping us to implement.” Read the full story

Simon Pratt – IT Manager, Matthews & Goodman.

“When VividSky took over, they utilised as much of our investment in the new environment as possible to ensure that we got a good return. As a recruitment company, voice calls are the lifeblood of the business and we needed a phone system that was robust and easy to use. After a complete review of our needs, VividSky implemented a VOIP system that transformed the way we communicate with our customers. Our new system provides us with real time reporting, smart call routing and it is really simple to maintain.” Read the full story

Daniel Dawkins - Operations & HR Director, Aspire People

“We trusted Vividsky to improve the performance of our systems and reduce costs with our connectivity, allowing us to allocate more budget to our core services to the public. The personal way of providing support and the value added with their expertise make us recommend Vividsky to anyone needing a professional IT support company that provide the personal touch in resolving difficult problems.” Read the full story

Alison McGibbon – Corporate Services Manager, Evolve Housing

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